Top 10 Soccer Clubs with Most Points throughout a Season

Teams who have gone down in history have been pulled by the most famous champions, but there is also lesser-known reality capable of making history with an incredible year in their championship.

10. Real Madrid

In the 2011-2012 Spanish League, they scored 100 points in 38 games. Real Madrid, the pride of Spain and the all-time Champions League winner, is recognized for its explosive goals and famous players. However, as we will see, the world's finest club's recent success is due in large part to a culture of invention that goes far beyond the football field. 

9. Barcelona

The Spanish League 2012-2013 saw their 100 points in 38 games. FC Barcelona is known for its historically skillful and attractive form of attacking football, which emphasizes open play and fluidity. The team is part of a larger sports and social organization that has thousands of members.

8. Manchester City 

In the English championship 2017-2018, they made it 100 points in 38 games. Manchester City has also won seven Premier League titles, six FA Cups, eight League Cups, six FA Charity/Community Shields, and one European Cup Winners' Cup in their history.

7. Juventus 

During the Italian championship 2013-2014, they earned 102 points in 38 games. Juventus has won 70 recognized competitions in total, more than any other club in the country: 59 domestic trophies and 11 global competitions, making them the second most successful Italian team.

6. Glasgow Rangers 

With 102 points in 38 games in the Scottish League 2020-2021, they are among other famous clubs in the list. For those who may not know: the club has won the Scottish League title 55 times, a joint world record for a domestic league, the Scottish Cup 33 times, the Scottish League Cup a record 27 times, and the domestic treble seven times, a global record shared with Celtic.

5.  Celtic

For the Scottish League 2001-2002, they gained 103 points in 38 games. Celtic are one of just five clubs in history to have won more than 100 trophies. The club has won the Scottish league title 52 times, the most recent of which was in 2021–22, as well as the Scottish Cup 40 times and the Scottish League Cup 20 times.

4. Barry Town

In the Welsh League 1997-1998, they scored 104 points in 38 games. They won the league with a league-record 105 points, a plus-100 goal differential, and the club was the first to be televised live on television, with a 5-2 victory over Caernarfon Town. Barry was and continues to be Wales' most successful club.

3. Barry Town

They even broke their own record in Welsh League 1996-1997 with 105 points in 40 games

2. Celtic

Here we come across Celtic again with an even more impressive record in Scottish League 2017-2018, scoring 106 points in 38 games.

1. Red Star 

The top of the list belongs to a quite unfamiliar name- Red Star. This Serbian club scored 108 points in 38 games in the Serbian league 2020-2021. They are considered the most successful football team in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia, having won four international and 62 domestic titles.

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